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VINYAS Yoga is a holistic Yoga module which targets upon the growth and enrichment of multiple layers of human existence, i.e., physical, astral, mental, emotional, intellectual and spiritual layers. Having derived its pedigree from the Upanishads like Mandukya, Taittariya, VINYAS Yoga treats and manages various psychosomatic ailments, with its unique features.

The word, VINYAS meaning assembling, collection, and oneness is originated from the primordial Vedic message, sam gachchadhvam sam vadadhvam sam vo manaamsi jaanataam. .

Power Yoga

Power Yoga is the effective fusion of harmonious breathing and intense yogasanas. It is a kind of Yoga that focuses completely on your fitness and movement. Regular practice yields greater flexibility, better feel of the body.Plan a visit..

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One month curriculum, which will train you to be a full fledged Yoga instructor.Yoga has the appropriate approach to manifest..Read more..

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VINYAS offers Yoga Therapy for various ailments in different batches.

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